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Meet Keren Elijah,


I’ve spent years in the trenches, honing my skills and cultivating a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in Canada as a newcomer. My mission is to change the narrative that you have to suffer for a few years as an immigrant before you get your “breakthrough”


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As a millennial, Black immigrant and woman, I bring a unique perspective to newcomer settlement and career development in Canada. My experiences and outlook provide a relatable and approachable point of view that can help you navigate the challenges of settling in Canada and looking for a job.

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I’m here to help you navigate  THAT dream job, new country or business idea. Skip the wasted time and jump straight into a clear cut plan and proven strategy

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Think of me as your partner in growth. I thrive on seeing dreams take shape, businesses thrive and Immigrants win.  We will cut through the noise and zero in on what truly matters.

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Do you cater to Newcomers to Canada, international students, Business professionals and entrepreneurs? Are you looking for opportunities to reach your target audience?

Why you might want to  work with me:

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01I was once a newcomer to Canada, I understand the difficulties that immigrants face when trying to integrate into Canadian society. I can empathize with the struggles of finding housing, securing employment, and building a social network. 

02 Coming to Canada as an international student has provided me with a distinctive outlook. I transitioned from being a study permit holder, work permit holder, and postgraduate permit holder to achieving permanent resident status..

03For me this is more than a profession, so when i see an opportunity, I’ll seize it. I’m here to guide you down the path of success with candour, kindness, and a level of expertise to match

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For me, this is not just a job; it’s a commitment to empowering you with clarity, insight, and unwavering support.