Say goodbye to overwhelm & hello to peace of mind

 I’ll handle all of the details, so you can focus on what matters to you

Make it feel like home

Whether you are navigating the bustling streets of Toronto or the serene landscapes of Winnipeg, adjusting to life in Canada is a journey filled with both excitement and uncertainty. The prospect of finding a comfortable place to call home, landing a job that aligns with your aspirations, and integrating into a new cultural environment can be daunting. However, having access to specialized services that cater to your unique needs can make all the difference in simplifying your transition.

Why you should hire me

01You have a never-ending checklist & need help crossing tasks off of the list.

02You want a stress free transition and focus on what makes you feel more “at home”

03 You want to work with an expert that can be fully trusted with tackling necessary tasks

04 You are tired of figuring it out by yourself and the truth is you do not have to go at it alone I am here as a dedicated growth partner

the Concierge Services 

Let me handle the details that may cause you feelings of anxiety. As your concierge, my job is to make you feel welcomed to Canada. 

These services are exclusively for individuals who have received prior approval from the Government of Canada to enter the country.

Airport Pickup

Temporary/Permanent Accommodation assistance

Phone line purchase assistance

Finding the best dining spots

Utilities set up assistance – Bank account, health card, library card, bus pass

Driver’s Licence acquisition assistance

Essentials one-time shopping

Resume review & Job search

Ask me about more potential services